My Puppymutts!

Good Honest Service is always it's own best reward.

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures you took at the Dachshund Rally! They are very professional and we look forward to viewing more of your work. Great Success! 

Martha Taylor
Abilene Texas

I would just like to send you a thanks for all the help you gave us in our time of need. We had no idea what to do with all these puppies! your suggestion of posting them on saved all 6 of them from the pound!

Billy Johnston

Tye Texas

Robert, your help with Marvin was a God Send! We had no idea how we were going to get him to the Vet without harming him further. Your pickup with the enclosure was just what we needed but your refusal to accept pay is not good for your business! Following your suggestion, we have sent a donation to the Taylor Jones Humane Society to help with their new building. Best wishes with your new transport business! We will spread the word!

Kay Soronson

Abilene Texas