My PuppyMutts!

MyPuppyMutts.Com Delivery Services


Delivery Service! We will Deliver Crated Dogs and Cats anywhere within the Abilene City Limits for the Low Price of only $20.00. Just Call 214-476-0024 for more Information.

We also Deliver up to 200 miles out side Abilene! We Charge the normal $20.00 plus $1.00 Per Mile. All Animals must have current Vaccination Records. Just Call 214-476-0024 for safe and Reliable Delivery Service.

Need to get your Pet to the Vet? We do that too! Our Charge is the Standard $20.00 plus $10.00 per hour, (Minimum One Hour.) We will deliver your Pet to the Abilene Area Vet of your choice, stay with the animal and return back to your Local destination of Choice.

Grooming? Nope, we don't do that but we Do Deliver and Return! $20.00 Crated Pickup and Return plus $10.00 per hour.

Do you have unwanted Puppies and Kittens? Upon Verification from the Abilene Animal Service of your Choice, (Abilene Animal Shelter, SPCA, Taylor/Jones Humane Society, etc.) We will pick up local animals and deliver for the Standard Rate of $20.00 per Animals. Remember, before you call you MUST have conformation of acceptance from the end-point receiver! MyPuppyMutts Will call the Receiver before Pickup and all Animals Must Be Pre-Paid Before Delivery.


Call Today for Professional Delivery Services!

We Proudly Support All Abilene Animal Rescue Services!

Remember; Your Best Animal Friend deserves your Respect and love! Spay, Neuter, Train and Vaccinate your Pet!

Unwanted Animals; Be a Part of the Solution, Not The Problem!