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My PuppyMutts!

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Isn't it wonderful how your best non-human friend will protect you from Anything? This is Buster whom was Not Best Pleased with a new toy my wife bought me one Christmas. Buster was my Best Dog. He rode with me for well over a million miles, all the lower 48 states and Canada. We had been home to stay for just under two years when he passed away. He has left a Big hole in my heart.

 The person to the right, hugging Gypsy is a resident at the University Place Retirement center in Abilene Texas. Shortly after Buster's death, I got a call from a former customer far out in the countryside. She and her husband are military and were being transferred to Alaska. She called me because this Lab had wandered up to the house two weeks ago, all skin and bones and they couldn't take it with them. I had never owned a Labrador but the timing was so shortly after Buster's death that I saw a path for two of God's creatures to help each other.

To the Right is Patches whom was dropped off at the SPCA. The SPCA doesn't take animals from the general public. They rescue most of their animals from the Abilene Animal Shelter. The Pound was closed that day so Bobbie K decided that we needed dog #4. (I blame her because SHE named it!)  What is Patches? Best guess is a cross between a Bull Terrier and a bird dog. She is three months old in this picture and already as big as Bella!

To the lower Right, is Bella. She was picked out by Bobbie K at the Abilene Animal Shelter. Thirty years of marriage and we still have widely differing opinions of landscaping, clothes, furniture and.... Dogs! Bella is a cross between a Basset Hound and a German Sheppard. Bella is the Female, 'BOSS' right now so she is trying her best into cowing Patches whom will soon be twice her size.

To the Right is Tramp and Bella on a snowy day. Tramp is the 'Old Man' at over 16 years old. My kids were in grade school when he joined us as a pup. Long may he live in health and good life. He still tries to be the Alpha and Gypsy the 80 pound Labrador usually let's him.

The pups in the crates were being transported to the Rescue The Animals Mall display store in Abilene Texas. That day, three of the four found homes!!! Although the Mall Store is no-longer there, we at MyPuppyMutts.Com hope that a Return will soon be in order!

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Through the looking glass, to the Left, Bobbie K walks the cages at the Rescue The Animals Facility. Great people and volunteers work in this no kill shelter under the banner of the SPCA.

And.... at left,  this is Molly; a Parsons or, English Russel terrier. She is kin to the Jack Russell but with a longer coat. She is an older dog that was on her last day of life at the Abilene Pound. Her 'Rap' sheet said that she had been run over by a car and yes, she was very beat up and scruffy but I cleaned her up and got her checked out at the Vet. No, she's not and never will be Buster but I think of her as one of his Cousins :-)